Since the foundation of the brand in 1985, men’s clothing from Cortigiani was positioned not as a fashionable trend, but as a clear position in a world, where men have to be strong. Whether in Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai, Como or Doha (where, by the way, you can find Cortigiani boutiques), the owner of the brand Roberto Dziero knows how to create an image of a real man. There are no unnecessary details, no extremes and frivolity.

Cortigiani clothing has quality and luxury embodied in just two colors - the contrast of black and white. Many would say that this will not surprise anyone, but the designers of each line of Cortigiani clothes attach such importance to the details that nothing can be objected. With the right combination of details, you can forget about the scales and diversity, because you already have them. Cortigiani is a must have of every self-confident man. Because there is no reason to be afraid of being lost against the background of something or someone, it is simply impossible. Because Cortigiani is an exclusive in the full sense of this word, whether it be sportswear, classic suits and shirts or knitted pullovers. In addition, the style is complemented by the same sophisticated and elegant shoes and accessories, which are a lot of pleasures - not every brand can cover such a number of units without losing quality.

Cortigiani jeans are at the same time tailoring, tradition, modernity and innovation. Every detail speaks of craftsmanship and love for beautiful things: from the contour of the belt to the reinforced seam, from kick tape and hand stitching made according to old traditions. As a result, a modern classic style combines attention to detail and perfection of trousers, which makes jeans the basic clothing of the modern world. For those who are always looking for elegance.

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