The "Lise Charmel" brand was founded in the middle of the last century in Lyon (France). Its creator was the famous artist and designer Jacques Daumal. It was he who decided to make French women happy with another brand of exquisite underwear. The history of the brand is shrouded in a romantic veil - Jacques Daumal named the company after his beloved Eliza. At the same time, he added the word “charmel” to her name, which means "charm".

The success of the company did not make to wait long. Within a few years after the creation, the brand was included in the list of the most famous manufacturers of underwear. It supplied female customers with high-quality and beautiful products.

If you want to know what a top-class underwear is, pay attention to the products of the “Lise Charmel” brand (France). Its collections can impress even the most sophisticated client. Who, if not a connoisseur of exclusive things, will be able to understand the true beauty of luxury products made of silk and satin?

Gorgeous embroidery, the finest lace, exquisite decor transfer the products of the French brand into the category of luxury goods. "Lise Charmel" is a combination of refined luxury, comfort and European quality. Each product, without exaggeration, can be called a masterpiece of design art.

Having the luxurious underwear from “Lise Charmel”, you will never give up the opportunity to once again enjoy its beauty. And if once you have made a choice in favor of this brand, you will always be faithful to it.


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