Brand windsor.

windsor. fashion brand was formed in 1889. In 1960, the windsor. men line was launched, and the main idea of its creators was to introduce fresh breath and lightness to German fashion. The first high-quality Italian fabrics and form-fitting silhouettes appeared precisely in this line. After 17 years, in 1977, the women’s line of the brand, windsor.women, was launched.

windsor. brand can safely boast of three “whales” on which the company is based: excellent materials, clear cut and the highest art of sewing. windsor. as a one phrase is true elegance. windsor. is a brand for people who have achieved a lot in life, they are demanding and strive for a lot.

Jackets can be considered the business card of the line. Each model consists of more than 16 basic parts, besides overlaps are provided on each windsor. jacket, which makes it possible to hem the sleeve in length and width if necessary.

windsor. is a combination of tradition and modernity, professionalism and design, aesthetics and quality - at the highest level and without compromise. That is perfection.


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