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About 60 years ago, the wonderful brand Wolford was founded in Austria, which today is the leader in the production of high-quality products: stockings and tights of the brand are the main goal for most fashionistas from all over the world.

The secret weapon of the brand in the struggle for women's love and recognition was the involvement of Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood when creating a design for knitwear. By the way, today the place of famous designers is occupied by a no less talented person - Emilio Pucci.

Another feature of the Wolford brand was the introduction of the most daring ideas and innovative finds. It was under the name of Wolford that the world's first stockings without seams saw the light. This development and experiments have not ended, and today, in addition to the main product, the brand produces dimensionless tights, elastic tights, stockings without a belt, warm tights, patents for which belong to the Wolford brand. The brand management decided that it would be most appropriate to finance the development of young engineers and designers, therefore significant sums are spent on these goals every year.

However, these costs have long paid off - in addition to the glory of the best tights, the company has more than 200 branded stores worldwide.



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